Magyar Taraj


A Taraj Myspace oldalán meghallgatható pár szám a CD mellékletről.

1. The Briefs (USA): Orange Alert (Sex Objects)
2. Shark Soup (D): Bombs On Bagdadh (Shark Soup)
3. S.A. (JAP): A.P.D./Absolute Positive Declaration (Samurai Attack)
4. The Shocks (D): No House, No Car, No America (Banned from the USA 7’’)
5. Hi*Tops (D): Rat Race (…Left Me Wondering)
6. Surfaholics (A): Nightmares (The Sugarsmile On Candy Faces)
7. Rentokill (A): Anything (Back To Convenience)
8. Bitume (D): Sprengstoff besiegt Herdentrieb mit 3:1 (Punkrock Motorcity)
9. The Rycojets (A): Get Ready (Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Rock’n’Roll…)
10. Bankrupt (H): Start Again (Bad Hair Day)
11. Zatopeks (UK): The Summer I Fell In Love With Jimmy's Girl (The 20 Belows/Zatopeks Split 7’’)
12. Los Deepest (A): Dirty, Fast & Furious (The First Cuts Are the Deepest)
13. The Waukees (I): Gay Boyfriend (The Pop Punk Circus is Back in Town)
14. Up To Vegas (D): Call Me Daddy (Voodoo Truckin)
15. Gob Squad (DK): 1000 Memories (Call for Response)
16. Fifty Foot Combo (BE): Triplexpresso (Caffeine)
17. Texas Biscuit Bombs (USA): Frat Cars
18. All Joines (D): Instead of Getting Silent (Instead of Getting Silent)
19. Ted’s Village (H): Delirium (Delirium)
20. Rocket 58 (D): Get Wild (Let’s Start a Rocket)
21. Alien 101 (D): October Skies (Alien 101/Novacain Split)
22. Determination (A): Don’t Tell Me (Push It As Far As You Can)
23. Cruel Noise (CH): Fuck the Tradition (Easter Sessions Vol. I EP)
24. Scarecrow (FIN): Classic (Endless Spine EP)
25. Septic (H): Stay With Me Or Fuck Yourself (Noise Is Our Voice)
26. Left (H): Nem kell
27. Mugwumps (A): Bikini Beach Party
28. Frommychest (A): See Me, Feel Me
29. My Manner (A): One Dollar For One Day